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Peace Lit Fam!! 
I'm so grateful to feel so supported by this community of book loving folks, it has been a long journey to get to this point in the grand bookstore vision. Earlier this year I had an encounter that changed my life and it all started with one word.
It's funny how the journeys of life are accompanied by unanticipated rejection. Have you ever been so excited to start something new, explore a new hobby or shoot your shot just to be met with a NO? It's disheartening but, when I got that first NO, I got really motivated.
Well first, I got mad, cried, looked to move away, called my mom to tell her of the grave injustices happening in my life, found a relaxing strain, prepared a perfect cup of tea and read.
I imagine a place where books and tea meet in an euphoric symphony of Unapologetic Blackness, Queerness, Books and Tea, with the community that says enthusiastically "YESSSSSSSSS" to the idea that these things belong together in a space to cultivate community around intersecting ideas and build new worlds together, as we are guided ancestrally with the wisdom of the books and our collective knowledge in fellowship. A space for the readers and tea drinkers, the herbalists and free thinkers to connect and recharge. I kept going despite the NO!!
To curate this space with each of you is in alignment with the stars (and believe me I've checked my chart) and together we will harness the power of the moon to go into the next phase of our journey at Noire Reading Room, the physical space.
Since we opened we have been pop-up only at events and markets around Rochester, NY. which has helped to introduce Noire Reading Room to the public. I'm happy to announce that starting in August you are invited to Pop-Up Preview Days at Noire Reading Room...yes at the PHYSICAL LOCATION. 
Today, with this full moon energy I'd like to invite you to get to know us and follow the journey to opening day!! You can support the journey in a multitude of ways: first, be sure to like and follow us on social media @noirereadingroom on Facebook and Instagram
Buy a Monthly Subscription- One of our ways to engage readers and authors is our monthly Lit & Care boxa curated monthly experience that features: 
  • an exclusive loose tea blend celebrating ancestral and contemporary BIPOC Authors, hand blended in Rochester, NY
  • a BIPOC literary selection 
  • premiere book club access and author chat, where we talk Lit while sipping tea
  • Exclusive self-care items that elevate and enhance your Lit & Care lifestyle, handcrafted by Black & Queer Artisans 

Donate- We are funding a renovation for a revolutionary reading space. Help us make it happen by donating, any amount helps gets us closer to our goal to open our physical location. You can donate via cashapp ($noirereadingroom) or donate your time by being a volunteer at Noire Reading Room
Buy NEW BOOKS (shipped to your door)- Through our partnership with Bookshop, you can purchase new books, shipped to your door. This is a way to cancel that space guy and support our bookstore! We have curated lists and you can purchase ANY book through our shop
*discount non-applicable on partner sites*
Buy AUDIOBOOKS through Libro.fm- Through our partnership with Libro.fm we offer AUDIOBOOKS that support our bookstore on Earth. What's cool about Libro.fm is their large catalog, DRM free listening and DRM-free model fits our independent nature and it means you can listen to the audiobook anytime, anywhere, on any device. Check it out here
*discount non-applicable on partner sites*
 Thanks so much again, and again, and one more time just because! I hope to see ya soon in real life and I'll be back on the new moon with a new blog post!!
love, tea & books-Kris

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