Happy Juneteenth 2021!!

Happy Juneteenth 2021, the first year that it is recognized as a federal holiday, marking the last enslaved people to be "free" on June 19th, 1865 under the emancipation proclamation (1863). Y'all can do the math on what freedom has meant to Black folks in america, if not chattel slavery, then jim crow, then redlining and gentrification. Its exhausting to think of and experience this crooked room that is to be Black and other (all other intersecting identities). 

Today we debut our monthly subscription, Lit & Care, a curated monthly experience to enhance and elevate your literary collection and your self care routine, a balm to the bs of the world. Each month you will enjoy and/or gift to a friend, neighbor and loved one a special package full of care that features: 

  • an exclusive loose tea blend celebrating ancestral and contemporary BIPOC Authors, hand blended in Rochester, NY
  • a BIPOC literary selection 
  • premiere book club access and author chat, where we talk Lit while sipping tea
  • Exclusive self-care items that elevate and enhance your Lit & Care lifestyle, handcrafted by Black & Queer Artisans 

Your subscription supports Black & Queer Artists, Authors and Black Business! Thank You!

 While this is not at all what we asked for, in this moment we are happy to be the premiere resource for your books, texts and community for Black, Queer and Radical texts by Black Femme Writers across gender and genres!!!

For updates on how we are celebrating Juneteenth 2021, check out our stories on Instagram & Facebook!!

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